Dell SonicWall
Our partnership with Dell SonicWall ensures we provide you with the best security solution.

Dell SonicWall

dell sonicwall

ACUTEC have partnered with Dell SonicWall to ensure that we are able to provide our clients with the best possible security solutions. We recommend 7 essential steps to protecting your business’ cyber security and the first of these is implementing a Next Generation Firewall from Dell SonicWall.

A Firewall provides perimeter security for your organisation’s IT Infrastructure. It does this by controlling the traffic coming in and out of your network through a set of rules. The rules in your Firewall policy dictate which traffic is allowed and which is not. By controlling the traffic the Firewall is able to stop hackers and malware from entering your system.

Dell SonicWall’s Firewall solutions provide comprehensive security, scanning all traffic with deep packet inspection technology.

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