IT as a Service: What does it mean?

it as a service
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Last Updated on 18th June 2019

We’re hearing the words ‘as a service’ all the time now in the IT industry. ‘Everything as a service’, ‘software as a service’, even ‘Surface as a Service’! What’s annoying is when you keep hearing the term repeatedly and you are still not quite sure what it means.

To be simple ‘as a service’ is where IT is being delivered to you remotely through the Cloud. You generally have little capital expenditure and can scale it to suit what you need. For example, the V Festival’s website will receive a massive amount of traffic when tickets go on sale and very little the rest of the year. If the website was to be hosted via the Cloud through Microsoft Azure that website would be able to scale its hosting to meet the differing traffic demands and peak times of the year.

When it comes to the Cloud there tends to be 3 ‘as a service’ models in use: Software, Platform and Infrastructure.

it as a service

Software as a Service or ‘SaaS’

You have been using this for years. Honestly, you have. You just might not have noticed. Have you used Dropbox? Hotmail? Spotify? They’re all software as a service Cloud models for the consumer, we just don’t notice.

Software as a Service is where your software is licensed to you on a subscription basis and is hosted in one central location. Office 365 is a prime example of software as a service being used in a business environment. You pay a subscription fee per user for the software and it’s all hosted in one of Microsoft’s datacentres that you access through the Internet.

Software as a Service comes with a range of benefits for a business. As previously mentioned, there’s very little capital expenditure and you will be able to access the software from anywhere with very little maintenance.

Platform as a Service or ‘PaaS’

Platform as a Service provides the user with a platform in which you can develop, run and manage applications without having to maintain infrastructure. Examples of Platform as a Service are application hosting, operating systems and business analytics.

The main benefit of Platform as a Service is for developers. You can develop custom applications without having to worry about having a specific platform for it to run on.

Infrastructure as a Service or ‘IaaS’

Infrastructure as a Service is where your hardware is in the Cloud. Instead of having to invest a lot of capital expenditure in new servers and then having to pay to heat, power and cool them you just pay a subscription fee and access them via the Cloud.

The benefits of investing in infrastructure as a service is that its scalable. With services like Microsoft Azure you only ever pay for storage that you need. It’s also so much more secure, rather than having the security of your office building protecting your server you can have the multibillion dollar facilities that the likes of Microsoft have built with biometric scanning and other MI6 type security.

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