Why You Should Upgrade Before You Have to Pay for Windows 10

With Windows 10, Microsoft realised it did not want to alienate its users. It didn’t want to keep bringing out an operating system that people would not want because they would have to learn how to use it before they could. The fact is people just don’t have time for that anymore. Windows 10 comes with familiar features to ensure that users already know how to use the task bar, desktop and Start menu, making sure that they know exactly how to get started.

The operating system comes with a brand new browser as well: Microsoft Edge. Again, this has been made to be as familiar as possible to the user but is packed with loads of new features. You can scribble on web pages or highlight text, whether that’s with your mouse or with your stylus if your computer has that functionality. You can then save these annotations so you know what you’re looking for the next time you visit the webpage. You can even send the annotations to a friend. Edge provides an interactive experience for browsing the web.

Windows 10 also comes with virtual desktops. These allow you to work with different frames of mind. If you work in Marketing you may be working on writing a really in depth white paper but at the same time you may also be working on social media. Windows 10 allows you to place your different kinds of work in different desktops so its easy to switch between different tasks.

Windows 10 also unleashes Cortana from just being an application on your Windows Phone. Cortana is able to learn from you and become your personal digital assistant across all of your devices. Cortana can schedule emails or even just give you a heads up when there is something that you should know.

One of the big features of Windows 10 is how it can work with a Windows 10 device. You no longer need a PC to have a PC. Your phone is now able to be docked to a monitor and used as a fully fledged PC without actually needing a computer. It’s not a watered down version or your phone made bigger, it really is a PC experience.

The great thing about Windows 10? It’s free to download. At the moment, anyway. Since July last year when it was released, Windows 10 has been available as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users. From 29th July 2016 this will no longer be the case. An upgrade to Windows 10 Home will be £99.99 and Windows 10 Pro £189.99. With backdoors in older operating systems being increasingly used to override business’s security, an upgrade in operating systems is becoming a necessity. If you haven’t yet upgraded to Windows 10 then make sure that you do so before the end of the July. If you have any questions or queries in how to upgrade please contact ACUTEC today.

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