Recording the Student Experience

Being able to understand the journey that a student goes on in their degree programme at university can help to make the best possible higher education experience and enable the student to achieve their true potential.

We have recently started talking about our university booking system software that records and tracks the student journey and how they interact with the support available to them. SAMS (Student Appointment Management System) enables a university to be able see where problems have occurred for a student on their degree programme and where they haven’t been able to get the help they needed.

For example, if a student repeatedly kept cancelling appointments with their tutor then SAMS would be able to highlight this. This repeated failure to attend a session would indicate where problems have occurred and why a student has not been able to achieve the grades that they would like. In this blog, we look at the different features that SAMS offers and how it could transform the higher education experience that your university provides.

Tutor Controlled Availability

SAMS syncs with the academic staff’s calendars and they can allocate certain times for students to be able to book with them. For example, if they have ‘office hours’ on a Tuesday afternoon and a Thursday morning then they would be able to indicate this within SAMS and students would not be able to book sessions at any other time. Tutors would also be able to cancel sessions or remove availability if needed.

Mobile App

SAMS has a mobile app to make sure that students are always able to access their university booking system when they need to. The app also integrates with calendars and Outlook so that students can receive push notifications and reminders about their appointments.

Fully Branded

SAMS comes with fully branded features to make sure that it fits in with university life. Choose your colours and add your logo to integrate the application into the student experience.

Reminder and Confirmation Emails

The university booking system allows emails to be sent to the student to confirm and remind them of their appointments to make sure that they don’t miss them and can receive the support they need.

Full Tracking and Reporting

SAMS provides full tracking and recording of student and tutor interaction. The university will be able to see how often sessions were rearranged and cancelled and by which parties. Reasons also must be given if a session is changed therefore allowing the university to track where issues began to occur.

If you’re interested in bringing SAMS to your university please give us a call on 01675 469020.

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