what is microsoft azure

What you need to know about Microsoft Azure

This article is Part 2 in our Microsoft Azure series.

Part 1: What actually is Microsoft Azure?

We talk about Microsoft Azure all of the time. There’s so many different aspects of Azure that we can never quite say everything that we need to. One of the fundamental aspects of Azure is how it can change how you manage your IT infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure provides Infrastructure as a Service. Basically, this means that you access and manage your infrastructure through the Cloud. You no longer have to make investments in buying and managing physical servers. You don’t have to pay for heating, cooling or power either!

Simply, you’re renting your hardware from Microsoft and then accessing it through the Internet without the expense you would have had previously with physical servers. A lot of people question the security of the Cloud. There’s really no need. What you have to remember is that the hardware still exists it’s just not your problem anymore.

When you have a physical server on-premises it is actually more vulnerable. It is only as secure as what you do to make it secure. Locking your doors, turning on your alarm and installing CCTV is the protection that you are giving your IT infrastructure. At Microsoft’s datacentres your infrastructure will be subject to a number of different controls with heavy security measures. The Microsoft Datacentre in Ireland has 16 £1 million caterpillar generators just in case there is an issue. Chris Roche, our Managing Director, and Urfaan Azhar, our Infrastructure Manager, visited the Datacentre earlier in the year and they said that Mission Impossible would not be able to access it, it’s that secure!

The issue with IT is that there is often a lot of a waste. For example, you could invest a significant amount in a Network Attached Storage Device for your Disaster Recovery option and then it may never be used. With Microsoft Azure this wouldn’t happen, you would pay for what you needed when you needed it without having to make that significant investment.

Microsoft Azure is a cost-effective and secure alternative to on-premises infrastructure. If you are considering migrating your infrastructure to Microsoft Azure talk to ACUTEC today.