5 Myths About Moving to the Cloud

There is still an issue that people don’t fully understand the Cloud or what migrating to it can entail for your business. A lot of people still think that it’s not secure or if you lose access to the Internet you lose the ability to work. We thought we would debunk a few myths and tell you the truth about the Cloud.

My data is more secure on-premises than in the Cloud

What’s physically protecting your server right now? A locked door and maybe some CCTV? Imagine the Microsoft facility with its multibillion dollar investment and its biometric scanning and multi-factor authentication to enter different areas. That’s just the physical side, cyber security is becoming an increasing problem for all businesses. Microsoft’s security team carry out multiple processes to ensure that the best protection is in place. That’s why with Office 365 you have 99.9 percent financially backed uptime guarantee from Microsoft.

If I move to Office 365 I’ll have to access Office from the browser

Quite simply, no. This very blog is currently being drafted in a fully installed Microsoft Word application powered by Office 365. With Office 365 each user gets 5 licenses for a PC, 5 licenses for a tablet and 5 licenses for a phone and all of that is in addition to being able to access the Office applications from your browser. You can have an installed application on your laptop, your home PC, your iPad and your phone without going near a browser. It’s just a handy addition if you need to quickly access a document and you haven’t got your devices with you. For example, imagine you have gone on holiday and haven’t taken anything but your phone with you. If you want a bigger screen you can just log in to the browser on the hotel’s computer.

I must move everything to the Cloud

You only put what you want into the Cloud. Do you want to migrate just your email and nothing else? Fine. Do you want to migrate your back up solution but not your entire infrastructure? Fine. The point of the Cloud is that it’s flexible to what you need. We recommend starting with a hybrid approach where you move just one application such as your email and growing from there. It’s best to take a small step first and then work out a plan for the next few years of how you want to proceed with the Cloud.

If I don’t have access to the Internet I’m stuck

Services like Office 365 are all about syncing. If you lose your Internet connection you will have access to everything that has synced to your device before that point. For example, if you save something to OneDrive on your laptop without an Internet Connection then you won’t see that file on your phone but you will see everything else that had synced before your lost the Internet. That file will make its way across your devices next time you have access to the Internet. It’s pretty much no different to how you would have been working before. If you have Office 365 and you lose your Internet then you can still produce your Word documents and save them.

Migrating to the Cloud is going to be hassle

If you are thinking about migrating your business to the Cloud then we would be happy to talk to you about it. Just call 01675 469020 or email hello@acutec.co.uk.

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