Worry Free IT Provision for Age UK Charity

Age UK Warwickshire, an independent charity that forms part of the national Age UK network, is delighted with the support and services it receives from IT Service Provider ACUTEC.

The charity first began working with ACUTEC over 10 years ago to establish support for their IT Manager. Since then, the company has provided expertise and advice on everything to do with technology.

Reg Johnson, IT Manager at Age UK Warwickshire commented; ‘I know ACUTEC’s engineers are good at what they do. When we experienced a server migration nobody even noticed it had happened, there was minimal disruption.’

One of the latest projects that the two organisations have collaborated on is migrating the charity’s email to Office 365’s Exchange Online. Exchange Online removes the need to invest in physical hardware by hosting the email in the Cloud at one of Microsoft’s industry leading datacenters. ACUTEC specialises in providing solutions and services for charities and non-profit organisations. The company has extensive knowledge of charity licensing and helped Age UK Warwickshire claim the licensing for Office 365 as a complete donation from Microsoft.

‘Working with charity and non-profit organisations to put quality cost-effective solutions in place is one of the things we do best,’ said Simon Gee, Business Development Manager at ACUTEC. We make sure that we have a full understanding of what the charity is trying to do and make sure that the IT in place will aid that.’

After 10 years of working with ACUTEC to develop their IT, Age UK Warwickshire knows that they can always rely on the company for support. ‘I know that we have worry-free IT provision,’ said Reg. ‘It just works.’

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