What is Payroll Software?

However large your business is, whether you’ve got a handful of staff or are a larger organisation, payroll is something all businesses should consider. Payroll software will help you manage and process payments to your staff. Payroll software is a great alternative to manual processes. It automates much of the process, freeing up your HR […]

Fob Clocking in Machines vs Biometric

A time and attendance system is a great way to see exactly what is going on in your business. Whether you want to see who is in your offices at any given time, or you need staff moving from different jobs, T&A solutions give you those insights. A time in attendance system usually involves a […]

What Should You Get From a Time and Attendance System?

Time and attendance systems are vital for a business to accurately track the hours their employees are working. If staff are paid by the hour, you can be sure they are working the correct number of hours. But the right time and attendance system should do so much more. Whether you’re looking at holiday bookings, […]

Tips for Reducing Absenteeism in the Workplace

Absenteeism can be incredibly costly for a business, in both productivity and financial terms. In fact, absences due to illness alone cost UK businesses around £29 billion a year. Reducing absenteeism is therefore highly beneficial for the day-to-day and long-term health of your business. The key to reducing absenteeism in the workplace is to understand […]

Why an Out-of-Date Time and Attendance System is Costing Your Business

Tracking employee attendance becomes increasingly important with the increasing size of your workforce. As your business grows, it can be harder to track the whereabouts of each person. You might have an employee tracking system in place already, but how old is it? When was it last upgraded? If you’re still using an old manual […]

How Much is Absenteeism Costing Your Business?

When it comes to time-off, there’s a balance that must be struck: the need for understanding and the needs of your business. After all, it’s only right you recognise that unfortunate things happen – people get sick, they have family emergencies. It can be inconvenient and messy, but that’s life. On the other hand, employees […]

3 Reasons Why Fingerprint Time and Attendance Technology Is the Death of the Timesheet

By 2020, the cost of workplace absence in the UK will increase to £21 billion. That’s a whole lot of missed opportunity. While it can feel a little Orwellian to keep tabs on employee activity, spotting trends in employee absences makes it easier to boost productivity and assess workplace morale. On paper, your chances of spotting these time-off trends are […]

Is Your Attendance Policy Affecting Employee Productivity?

Habitually absent employees are damaging your company’s profit and productivity. In fact, unscheduled absenteeism has been estimated to cost businesses more than £500 per employee per year. But that’s not all. Although the average UK employee loses just 5.21 working days due to sickness, excessive absences can lead to : Most company attendance policies state that employees who abuse […]

What is a Biometric Time and Attendance System?

Keeping track of staff and their time can be difficult, especially when sometimes it’s not a primary aspect of your role. Knowing when your staff get to the office and leave is always important in HR when there are problems. A biometric time and attendance system will record the clocking in and clocking out of […]

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