4 Tips to Make Life Easier with OneDrive

OneDrive for Business is Office 365’s answer to storage. OneDrive for Business comes with 1TB of personal storage for the user, allowing them to be able to access their files from anywhere and everywhere. Here are our 4 tips to make life easier with OneDrive.

onedrive benefits


At the end of the day storage is the biggest way that OneDrive helps you. If you save a file to OneDrive on your laptop it will then sync and you will be able to access the same file on your phone, your tablet and from any browser if needed. If you don’t have a portable work device, e.g. if you have a desktop in the office, and need to quickly double check something when you get home you can easily access your files from the Office 365 browser from any device.


It can be so annoying when you need to quickly send an email with an attachment before leaving the office and it keeps bouncing back because the file is too big. OneDrive overcomes this by allowing you to share files rather than having to send them as an attachment. You can either send someone a link to the file or give them direct access to the file in OneDrive so they can easily download it. You can even decide whether they can edit the file or not.


OneDrive is the easiest way of accessing the different versions of a file. You may have been editing something for a week and you have realised it was better the way it was before and want to go back. All you have to do is go into version history in OneDrive and you can choose which iteration of the document you want to see.


If you’re using Delve with OneDrive for Business you will be able to search and see which files have been shared with individuals in your organisation and what they are currently working on. Delve is great for collaboration and finding documents that you are helping colleagues with.

We have summed this blog up in a handy slideshare for you to flick through. If you’re interested in using OneDrive for Business within Office 365 or just getting general IT Support please contact ACUTEC today. Just call 01675 469020 or email