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SharePoint: a collaborative, virtual work space

SharePoint is a web application platform that is perfect for professional sharing, networking and document management within a business infrastructure to enable collaborative working.  Think of it as a virtual working space, and one with endless possibilities too!  We have mentioned SharePoint before in our blog about Office 365 and we wanted to expand on
  • 13 Oct, 2015
  • Amy Staniszewski
  • business software, Microsoft, Office 365, SharePoint,
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Surfaces Steal the Show

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced at its Windows 10 event its two latest offerings to the tablet and (for the first time ever) laptop market.  The Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book left all of us here at ACUTEC very excited for their release dates. The Surface Pro 4 is the thinner, lighter and more
  • 9 Oct, 2015
  • Annmarie Hanlon
  • microsoft surface, tablet or laptop,
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How can business benefit from Office 365?

When people say: “oh don’t worry, it’s in the Cloud,” they can still be met with wide eyed stares of horror at the thought of data floating around in the sky for anyone to find.  The truth is the ‘Cloud’ is actually still on the ground, your data is still in a server it’s just
  • 3 Oct, 2015
  • Annmarie Hanlon
  • business benefits of cloud, cloud computing, Office 365,
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Become a ‘Superconnected’ Business

In a government scheme to ensure progress within technology for the UK, businesses in a number of cities nationwide have the option to apply for a government grant of £3000 to cover costs of installing faster and better Broadband.  Here in the Midlands, cities such as Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham and Wolverhampton are eligible for
  • 29 Sep, 2015
  • Annmarie Hanlon
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The truth about ransomware

How it happens, how to avoid it and what to do if your staff get caught out! “We have encrypted your data. Pay $2,000 and we will release the data.” Imagine logging on to your PC in the morning at work and seeing this message. It’s becoming more common and cyber criminals are estimated to
  • 8 Sep, 2015
  • Annmarie Hanlon
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Gadgets, devices and software

  We held our first device day where IT support clients popped in from across Birmingham and the West Midlands and brought their devices and we helped resolve issues with apps, share latest IT and Microsoft news and explore new technology. Here is a list of websites for gadgets, devices and software where you can out
  • 3 Jul, 2015
  • Annmarie Hanlon
  • IT support midlands,
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How to solve being hacked in Google Accounts

    At work you’re probably using a sophisticated antivirus, malware and anti-phishing system, but in your own Google mail accounts, you might not be. A scam doing the rounds at the moment is the email sent to you from a contact, with the message “you have an Docu waiting for you online on DocDrive.
  • 11 Jun, 2015
  • Annmarie Hanlon
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Multiple mobile phones in the office

Smart phone ownership is growing at phenomenal speed as the devices become more useful. Forecasts in the UK suggest 7 out of 10 users in the UK own a smart phone and Android still dominates the market. It’s not uncommon to go to a meeting where people use more than one mobile; one for work,
  • 5 May, 2015
  • Annmarie Hanlon
  • mobile, smart phones, uk office,
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Cloud is benefitting small businesses

A Warwickshire cloud computing expert has told an international event that the security and flexibility of the cloud is benefitting small businesses. Hardeep Bains, technical director at Coleshill-based ACUTEC, was selected as a panellist in the Cloud Industry Forum as part of the Cloud Expo Europe at London’s ExCel Centre. He took his place next
  • 26 Mar, 2015
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Will Windows 10 be the last release?

A Midlands Microsoft expert believes Windows 10 could be the IT giant’s last full release of the ground-breaking platform. Since its first release in 1985, Windows has revolutionised the way businesses and individuals use computers, there are now believed to be 1.5 billion Windows devices running worldwide. Urfaan Azhar, senior business development manager at Warwickshire-based
  • 16 Mar, 2015
  • Acutec Webmaster
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