Azure Virtual Desktop

Work anywhere, from any device

What is Microsoft Azure?

As the world moves towards a more remote working model, and your staff come to expect a more flexible way of working, it is vital you consider how your business is going to react.

How can you enable a modern workplace that is productive, responsive and secure?

How do you empower employees and teams to deliver value for your business?

How do you start transforming your workplace?

the percentage increase of remote working from 2005 to 2017.
of organisations are planning to shift some employees to permanent remote working.

Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop

Increased Productivity

With access to all the materials and resources they need, your team can work productively, wherever they’re working. 

Increased Security

Benefit from advanced Microsoft securities that keep your business safe from threats.

Increased Scalability

A modern workplace can be scaled to meet your demands. As your team grows, so can your infrastructure. 

Help your team achieve more, while protecting your business

Microsoft Cloud solutions help you deal with dynamic business needs, remote staff and advanced threat protection.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Virtualised in the Cloud that’s scalable, always up to date and available on any device. Azure Virtual Desktop provides seamless Windows 10 and 11 experiences for your staff.

Microsoft 365

Brings together the best in class productivity apps with powerful Cloud services, device management and advanced security.

Microsoft Teams

Your hub for collaboration and communication. Combines high definition video conferencing with chat and file sharing functionality.

Protect your business at all times and in all places

Gartner predicts that Public Cloud workloads will suffer at least 60% fewer incidents than those in traditional Private Cloud data centres. ACUTEC’s offering provides you with a suite of advanced security solutions, powered by Azure Cloud. 

Identity and Access Management

Remote infrastructure can be scaled according to the demands of your business. As your team grows, your systems can grow with them.

Threat Protection

Get end-to-end security, with protection against external threats. Advanced Threat Protection will automatically respond to any malicious activity.

Information Protection

Discover, classify, and protect documents and emails by applying labels to content to balance security and staff productivity.

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