A Walkthrough of the Office 365 Browser
office 365 browser
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Last Updated on 24th January 2022

A Walkthrough of the Office 365 Browser

Sometimes we just need to access things when it’s really inconvenient. You may have left your laptop at home. You may need to quickly access your documents at the weekend. Office 365 makes sure that this is no longer a problem by providing multiple ways of accessing your digital office. One of the really handy ways of doing is this is through the browser. It’s a convenient way of being able to access everything you may need from any computer. Here’s our walkthrough of the Office 365 browser to get you started on just a few of its features.

Accessing Office 365 Through Your Browser

You’ve probably logged into an Outlook or a Gmail account before and accessing Office 365 is pretty much exactly the same. Just Google (or Bing) ‘Office 365’ to access https://login.microsoftonline.com/. You type your email address in, you specify whether it’s a work or school account, you type your password in and then you have access to everything you need for your digital working environment.

Once you’re logged in you’re greeted with a personalised welcome message and a dashboard for you to navigate. The dashboard provides you with a host of different options depending on what you want to access: your email, documents, calendar and applications are all available to you. The home page also provides you with the option to download these applications to the computer you are currently using. With Office 365 you get up to 5 licenses for each user so dependent upon what your employer’s rules are you could have it installed on your work PC, your tablet, your phone, your laptop and your home computer.

This is what Outlook looks like when you access it from the browser. It’s pretty much the same, the only real difference is that your calendar is a separate app within the browser so you have to go into that to send any of your calendar requests. You can access and send all of your email from here so it’s great if you just quickly needed to check it and didn’t have access to a device for any reason.

You can switch applications at any time in the browser by clicking on the tile in the left hand corner of your screen. From here you can view all the applications that you may want to use and easily switch to them without having to have multiple applications running.

Your calendar will also look the same in the browser, but as mentioned previously it is separate to your Outlook. You are able to see what is coming up in your diary as well as people in your team if you wished to. You can edit everything from here and add entries as well.

One of the great features of Office 365 is OneDrive. OneDrive is a little bit like DropBox but it’s integrated with your Office suite and email. Through the browser you are able to access all of the documents you may need from wherever you are, even if you have forgotten your devices.