Using IoT in Manufacturing

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is quite simple. It’s about connecting devices through the Internet and letting them talk to us, our computers and each other. The uses that usually comes to mind are things like smart fridges that order the shopping for you when you have ran out of milk, yet it’s no longer just about trivial conveniences like being able to turn your lights on with your phone or adjusting your central heating when you’re at work.

IoT is starting to impact the way that businesses work, improving efficiencies and increasing productivity through the data it can access. One of the main industries that is seeing benefits of using IoT devices is manufacturing, as they can use the data they acquire to predict things like maintenance and repairs. In this blog, we thought we would look at the different uses of the Internet of Things in the manufacturing industry and help you come up with some possible ideas for how you can use it to help your business.

Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing Using IoT

One manufacturing company that produces cutting tools uses IoT to be able predict maintenance windows for its production line. Using sensors embedded in their tools, the company can gain data that monitors every aspect of performance. Using intelligence tools, the company is then able to gain recommendations on how to make processes more efficient, as well as create a predictive maintenance rota that makes sure that unscheduled downtime is avoided. The sensors were also used to predict when tools needed to be changed or ordered.

Reducing Costs in Manufacturing Using IoT

Rolls Royce is globally renowned for its engineering. The company produces thousands of engines for commercial aircrafts around the world and offers maintenance services to its customers to help maintain efficiency. Using IoT and the Microsoft Azure platform, Rolls Royce has implemented data collection across its aircraft equipment to gain insight and serve its customers better. The company is even using IoT to determine when engines should be washed to improve the cost of fuel through efficiencies. It’s expensive and time consuming to clean an engine, but a clean engine will burn less fuel. The sensors and data analytics they have put in place optimises fuel consumption by identifying the best time for engines to be cleaned. With fuel contributing to approximately 40% of an airline’s operating expenses this is a massive efficiency that the Internet of Things implements.

Automation in Manufacturing Using IoT

One vehicle manufacturer used many robots and other devices to monitor changes in production requirements. The company wanted to be able to produce multiple different car models on the same assembly line. By implementing IoT that connects everything: the production line, back end systems, line of business applications and more, the company is able to have 24 hour up-time and the flexibility to handle changing product requirements.

The Internet of Things is changing how businesses operate; allowing them to reduce costs, improve production and increase efficiencies. If you’re interested in implementing an IoT solution in your manufacturing business, call ACUTEC today on 01675 469020.

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