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SharePoint: A Collaborative, Virtual Work Space

SharePoint is a web application platform that is perfect for professional sharing, networking and document management within a business infrastructure to enable collaborative working.  Think of it as a virtual working space, and one with endless possibilities too!  We have mentioned SharePoint before in our blog about Office 365 and we wanted to expand on the benefits for business.

Within SharePoint, businesses are able to create areas for teams dependent upon what is needed for the business through the sites feature.  The whole business can have a site and then individual departments can do the same.  You want your sales team and your design team to have separate spaces? No problem, that facility is provided.

One of the primary features that is included with SharePoint is the library application.  The library application enables users within each site to be able to share their files and documents with each other, providing a kind of ‘One Drive for Everyone in the Business,’ but that name may not catch on.  If it does, you heard it here first!

Along with the library app, there are other document features that will help your business be as productive as possible.  SharePoint comes with the ability to share files both internally and externally to the business, as well as a collaboration feature enabling employees to edit a document together in real time.  This may be a little confusing if you have lots of people accessing the document at once, but if used correctly this could be a very powerful tool in any business environment.

SharePoint provides another really useful tool in its ability to version control documents.  If a user downloads a document set up with version control then SharePoint views it as ‘checked out’ and no one else can download or edit it until it is checked back in.  This means that all changes that occur are attached to an individual’s name enabling a completely recorded system.

Making SharePoint user-friendly for your business is also possible because it is completely customisable, providing options such as being able to change themes and incorporate logos amongst others.  SharePoint has the power to be whatever you want it to be and to be used however you want it to be used.

Like its counterpart Office 365, it is available across a multitude of different devices allowing you to access it wherever you are and how ever you want through online, desktop and mobile app versions.  Whether you purchase SharePoint on its own or as part of Office 365, it is an incredibly powerful tool that will only ever increase the productivity of your business.