5 things in Office 365 that will help you to achieve more every day

office 365 achieve more
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Last Updated on 24th June 2019

We’ve spoken before about the best features of different applications within Office 365 yet we have never talked about Office 365 as a whole. We believe that the real benefit of the Cloud is in its ability to help you to achieve more every day. One of the ways in which Office 365 does that is simply being the whole package. Simply, your workspace is Office 365. It’s the place where you put your work, your thoughts and your ideas every day and be brilliant at what you do. In this blog we have put together our favourite things in Office 365 that help us to achieve more every day.

office 365 achieve more


Oh, how we love OneNote in Office 365. OneNote is a note taking application that is a dream for being organised. You can have multiple notebooks and then different tabs, pages and sub-pages within them. You can insert audio and video recordings and scribble if you have a stylus. The one thing that we really love about OneNote though is the sharing capacity. You can have notebooks for different departments where they can share their ideas and really start to collaborate. It’s a space that’s malleable to what you want to do with it and how you want to work. You won’t achieve more every day if you can’t work in a space that works with how you think and OneNote is brilliant for that.

Skype for Business

Being able to talk to who you need to seems so simple, yet Skype for Business in Office 365 makes it so much easier. It doesn’t matter where they are, your team can still get together and come up with their ideas without the world being a barrier to them. We love for Skype for Business because you can use the features in different ways, for example we use it to provide webinars to our clients.


Microsoft Word is probably the first thing people think of when you mention Office 365. Just because it’s so familiar doesn’t mean it can’t still be one of our favourites. We produce so much for our organisations in Word and it helps us to get so much done every single day. With Office 365 it gains more power, allowing you to share documents between teams and work on them together. You can see a colleague’s changes to a document instantly even if she’s in New York and you’re in Birmingham.


Being able to access your files from wherever you are is amazing. We need to say this more because it is really, isn’t it? Creating a document on your laptop and then leaving to catch the train knowing you can make edits on your phone changes the way that we work and how we interact with what we produce. How we work has become so much more flexible to how we want to work rather than what technology dictates.


Office 365 comes with lots extras, but if you can’t receive your email then what’s the point? Outlook in Office 365 is just easy. You can have it on multiple devices knowing that it will sync across them without a problem. Your calendars are easily accessible and so are your tasks.

The slideshare below sums up the benefits of Office 365 and how it can help you achieve more. If you have any questions then please call 01675469020 or email hello@acutec.co.uk or learn more by downloading our Cloud Guide here.