Microsoft 365 FAQs

Microsoft 365 is the backbone of many businesses. From spreadsheets and word processing to task management and powerful communication, there’s a Microsoft 365 application for just about everything you need in business.

Millions of businesses in the UK and around the world rely on Microsoft’s best in class apps every day. Many aren’t aware of all the features included, and could be missing out on enhancing productivity in their business.

We’ve assembled some of the questions our consultants and engineers are regularly asked, to help you properly get to know the fantastic productivity suite.

Microsoft 365 Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about the different plans? What’s included in Microsoft 365? You’re in luck. We’ll try and keep this brief. For more information, be sure to reach out to one of our friendly consultants!

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a Cloud-based selection of applications. They are designed to help businesses and home users achieve more, combining familiar Office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc.) with powerful Cloud services and advanced security features.

Is Microsoft 365 the same as Office 365?

Yes! In April 2020, Office 365 was rebranded as Microsoft 365. Office 365 plans were renamed, but the features remained the same.

How much does Microsoft 365 cost?

Prices depend on your chosen subscription. For the latest prices, be sure to check out Microsoft’s pricing page – they may differ from when this article was published.

Microsoft 365: monthly or annual?

You can choose to pay for Microsoft 365 on a monthly basis, which you can cancel at any time. Or, you can commit to using the suite for a year, at a slightly reduced rate.

How many devices can I install Office apps on?

With a Microsoft 365 business plan, you can install Office apps on up to five PCs or Macs, five tablets, and five mobile devices. Hybrid Windows devices, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro, count as either a PC or a tablet.

Does Microsoft 365 work offline?

Office applications you install on a PC or mobile device do not require an internet connection. You can access files saved to your OneDrive, but they will not sync until your internet connection is restored.

What happened to my data if I cancel?

If you cancel your Microsoft 365 subscription, you can download your documents and data and save it to another location. We suggest you do this before you cancel. Any data associated with your account will be available to administrators in a limited function account for 90 days.

These are just a few of the questions we are often asked about Microsoft 365. If you’d like to learn more about Microsoft’s productivity suite – whether you’re new to the apps or want to get the most out of your active subscriptions, we’re here to help! Have a chat with a member of Team ACUTEC today.

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