IT Company Bags Cyber Security Awards

An IT Service Provider has won two GDS Cyber Security awards thanks to its commitment to providing cyber defence and education across the Midlands and the UK.

Microsoft Gold Partner ACUTEC is being recognised for its cyber security efforts by receiving an ‘Award for Innovation in Disaster Recovery’ and ‘Cyber Security Firm of the Year 2017 – Midlands.’ The GDS Cyber Security Awards works in partnership with the Cyber London Conference, and identifies companies that have gone above and beyond in the security sector.

‘To receive these awards in recognition of our work in promoting cyber awareness and providing security solutions is absolutely fantastic,’ said Chris Roche, ACUTEC’s Managing Director. ‘It is so important in the current climate that organisations of all sizes are taking their security seriously.’

The awards follow another year of success for the IT Service Provider, having recently been shortlisted for the industry leading CRN Channel Awards and receiving two Corporate Excellence Awards for technology services.

ACUTEC have been invited to several events in the Midlands this year to speak about the issues that cyber security is bringing to small and medium sized businesses and how to act in the event of an attack. In addition to the education they have provided, the company has built on its own services and solutions to ensure that protection is at the optimal level for its clients.

‘It’s all about building on the service we provide,’ ACUTEC’s Operations Manager, Urfaan Azhar, commented. ‘We are committed to building on innovations in service to be able to truly benefit our clients and protect their businesses, to be winning awards for it as well is just the icing on the cake.’

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