Introducing Yammer to Your business

How to Introduce Yammer to Your Business

Sometimes it can be hard introducing new things to a business.  People are sometimes far too busy or set in their ways to start using something brand new. Sometimes though, that new thing could change everything for the better.  Communication is becoming more and more digital, especially in the workplace. Yammer is Microsoft’s answer to a private social network for your business to reinforce those digital relationships and make your team stronger. Your teams will be able to start conversations, collaborate on files and organise projects with ease and speed.  We’ve put together some tips to help you introduce Yammer to your business.

Introducing Yammer to Your Business

Figure Out Why You’re Doing It

If you can’t explain the benefits of this new tool to your staff you’re going to have difficulties getting them to use it and then they will miss out on something that will make their lives so much easier.  When you start to introduce Yammer make sure you make it useful to your team’s processes.

Get Management Involved

If you have senior level staff actively engaging on Yammer and getting involved this can show the value of the application.  Also it can bring the team closer together if it means that senior members become more approachable.

Set an Example

If you want to use Yammer and want others to do so as well you need to make it known why you use it. Use Yammer to share working drafts and ask for feedback. If you continue to share projects you will keep finding opportunities for collaboration and then those that you are sharing with will start sharing with others.

Invite People to Your Network

If you want to have a conversation, start it on Yammer. Invite your colleagues to your network and start talking to one another. You could even set up a group for your team rather than sending emails round that clog up inboxes.

Wrapping Up

We have summed up how to get started with Yammer in a slideshare which you can find below. If you're interested in using Yammer in your organistion then please do give ACUTEC a call on 01675 469020 or email