How to Prepare Employees for Coronavirus

With all the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, it is important that your business is prepared for anything. It’s vital you plan, so your employees know where they stand, and you can reduce downtime to keep the business going.

Coronavirus is having a global impact that few have seen anything like before. But it’s important to stay calm, and prepare your business for the uncertainty. Find out how you can prepare your employees for the impact of Coronavirus.

Working from home policy

An official working from home policy can help to ease pressure on employees. It shows a commitment to your workforce and helps to maintain income for the business. You’ll need to establish if employees are able to perform their job outside of their normal location. For instance, employees who do most of their work at a computer are more suited to working from home.

Make sure you assess your business to determine whether it meets suitable requirements for the introduction of a working from home policy. It may not be applicable to every industry.

In the long term, a working from home policy can help to cut costs of rent, utility bills and business rates. And while it can benefit the business greatly, it also allows employees to experience a better work-life balance and it’s well known that happiness boosts productivity.

Cloud-based tools

Cloud-based software can seriously boost your office’s flexibility. The beauty of using cloud-based applications is that you can access them from anywhere: you don’t just have to be in the office. And what’s more, you can use them on your preferred device.

If you’re used to using the Office 365 application on your computer, you can carry on doing so! Or if you’d rather use the web-based version, or an app on a mobile or tablet you can do just that. Simply login on your chosen device and follow the on-screen instructions to start using all the apps you’re used to.

Using cloud-based Office applications is perfect for teamwork and collaboration. How many times have you tried accessing a shared file, only to have a pop-up saying someone is already using it? Soon there are multiple versions of the same file, and nobody’s really sure which is the most up-to-date, or correct version to use. In Office 365, this becomes a thing of the past. Different people can make changes in the same document at the same time. You’ll get a notification of who is in the document, and you’ll see everyone’s changes as they happen.

Remote communication tools

Regular communication is vital for remote workers – losing social aspects of being in an office can take some getting used to. Make sure to check in with your colleagues regularly, and also check in with your manager. There are three main types of communication tools for remote working:

Chat based

Being away from the office means you can’t just quickly chat with a colleague in your office. Rather than bombard them with emails, use an instant chat tool instead. A fantastic time saver.

Project management

Teams can keep track of their tasks and ensure deadlines are hit. Breakdown tasks into manageable steps so employees don’t feel too overwhelmed. Perfect for overall visibility of a team.

Video communication

Video calls keep you connected to colleagues and clients. A video conference call allows all participants to join from different locations, anywhere in the world. In a time of social distancing, you can still have face-to-face meetings!

To keep up with all the news surrounding Coronavirus, make sure to check NHS advice and the government response.

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