Cyber Crime: What We Know

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Last Updated on 27th October 2020

A few weeks ago we held our Cyber Security Masterclass with the Coventry Chamber of Commerce.  We invited Brandon Madeley from Dell to give a talk on the technical aspects of cyber security as well as Detective Sergeant Gary Sirrell from the Regional Organised Crime Unit to speak about the issues he has trying to prevent cyber crime.  Both of our guests brought some food for thought to the table that we would like to share with you.

One of the major issues that Dell sees is people being complacent, believing that because they haven’t had an issue before they never will.  It is important that companies don’t believe that it will never happen to them.  We have many manufacturing companies ask us why hackers would want to target them but the truth is all businesses have something that criminals want: data.  If you have banking data, customer information, Intellectual Property like designs and concepts, employee data or credit card data then you are at risk of cyber crime because data is valuable.

Some of the trends that Dell witnessed in 2015 was healthcare records being one of the major targets as well as retail.  They also reported that state sponsored attacks were on the rise.  Smartphone attacks had also increased across all platforms.

Even though cyber crime is on the rise Dell also made it clear that a lot of the breaches could be prevented if the choices of businesses and end users changed. Some of the most common causes of cyber crime are accidental loss, inadequately trained employees, reliance on a single layer of defence, lax firewall policies and poorly integrated products. It is becoming more and more prevalent that end user education is essential to dealing with cyber crime.

Detective Sergeant Gary Sirrell also confirmed this train of thought, stating that the police believe that 80% of cyber crime is preventable with basic measures.  The police are currently implementing the 4 P’s of policing to attempt to deal with the problem: Protect, Prepare, Prevent and Pursue.  Measures need to be put in place to enable protection but we must also prepare for these issues to be able to reduce impact.  Meanwhile they are actively trying to educate people to stop criminal activity from occurring and pursuing it when it does.

It is essential that we remain vigilant in our cyber security attempts to ensure that our businesses are able to run smoothly without interruption or damage to reputation.  If you would like an audit of your business to ensure that you have all of the appropriate measures in place then please do not hesitate to contact ACUTEC on 01675 469020.