How a Clocking System Can Help Your Business

Being able to keep track of your team can be a nightmare for some businesses, especially if your staff numbers have taken a recent growth spurt. For safety reasons, you want to know who is on your premises, for financial reasons you want to know who is working and when. A clocking system will enable you to manage and record an employee’s daily schedule easily.

What is a clocking system?

A clocking system is a system where staff clock-in and out of your premises so that their entry is recorded for you. You can see when someone does not turn up for work, when they are late and when their lunch is a little bit longer than expected. At the most basic level you can see who entered and left your premises and what times those events took place. The data that a clocking system collects can be used in a variety of different ways to make things easier for you when running your business. In this blog, we have put together the different ways that the data a clocking system records can aid you in the operation of your business.

Making sure everyone is where they should be

On a HR level a clocking system is a great addition to your organisation. You can identify who is getting to work on time, who is not and who hasn’t turned up. There’s no discrepancies such as what time someone got in, if someone witnessed them being late or if it’s never happened before. You can see in black and white what time someone got in the building every single day and what time they have left. You are also able to see how long they are out of the building as well as if they go out for lunch. If you have a biometric clocking system installed, you also don’t have to worry about a co-worker clocking in for someone else using their ID card if they knew that they were going to be late. A biometric clocking system will scan the employee’s fingerprint or iris so that the software can’t be cheated.

Health and safety

While it’s great to know when everyone is in the building for HR reasons, it’s also helpful for health and safety. A clocking system will show who is in the building at any one time, making it easy to do a roll call if you need to.

Overtime and payroll

If you have employees that work in shifts and get paid extra for overtime it can be difficult to manage if you have lots of staff with different timesheets and different schedules. With a clocking system, you can input the different schedules for each individual staff member and then it will record any overtime they may do. This way you know that the recording of extra time is accurate and will make sure that your business is operating at maximum efficiency. The clocking system can then integrate with payroll so that the situation becomes automated and employees are paid automatically for their overtime.

Find out what’s really going on in your business

By implementing a clocking system technology into your business, you can make sure that you have a good understanding of how your staff work and what’s really going on. If you’re interested in installing a clocking system in your organisation you can read more about ACUTEC’s solution here or contact us to have a chat about it on 01675 469020.

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