Can Technology Prepare Your Offices for Returning Staff?

With COVID-19 restrictions easing across England, many businesses will be preparing for staff to return to their offices. Whether they will be working in the office full time, or combining with remote work, it is vital that your offices are ready for their return.

We’re all familiar with the current guidance of keeping 2 metre distance from others, sanitising hands and frequent cleaning of communal areas. And there are ways technology can support your staff and your offices over the coming weeks and months.

Time and Attendance Systems

A time and attendance system such as ACUTEC Attendance in your offices is a great way of keeping track of who is working at any given time. Whether in the office or at home, your staff can clock in and out, so management teams can see who is currently in the office in case of emergency. They can also have visibility of when their staff are working – so they can be sure teams are working as they should be.

Managing every employee’s daily schedule can take up a lot of time. Keeping track of multiple people, knowing their schedules and if those schedules are being kept and recorded isn’t always easy. ACUTEC Attendance ensures your staff’s safety while also gaining fundamental reports for your business on time and attendance that are easy to understand, and help save you time.

Biometric Door Entry Systems

To see exactly who is in the office at any given time, ACUTEC Attendance can be linked to a door entry system, so when staff clock in and out, you can see the exact time they have done so.

We recommend using biometrics (fingerprint or facial recognition) to reduce the risk of buddy clocking – where one member of staff clocks in for another. Biometrics are far more accurate, as it’s much harder to lend your fingerprint to a colleague and ask them to sign in for you!

Facial recognition in particular is a far more hygienic option – reducing unnecessary touching. But we would recommend installing a hand sanitising station nearby to reduce the spread of germs.

Office Booking Systems

When staff do return to offices, you might want to place restrictions on the number of people in an office at any given time. With ACUTEC Attendance, you can have a system in place where you can limit attendees to meeting, people in office spaces and more. You can set the maximum attendees, and they can book on a first come first serve basis.

This is a great option for businesses wishing to combine remote work with work in the office. Once a workspace is at full capacity, no one else can book in for that time.

Health and Safety Tracking

ACUTEC Attendance can be configured to ask certain health and safety questions at your chosen intervals. Whether it’s in anticipation of a visit to the office or for general employee wellbeing, you can ask your staff to answer certain questions. They can be tweaked to match your individual criteria. Information includes:

  • Vaccination record
  • Lateral flow test results
  • Staff temperature
  • Recent symptoms

If any rules are not met, the user will be disabled on the scanner and they cannot get in the building.

Safe Return to Offices

Whether all staff will return to the office or their attendance will be more sporadic, it is vital that you have systems in place to prepare for their safe return. If you think ACUTEC Attendance could benefit your business and would like to find out more, chat with one of our consultants at a time that suits you.

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