The Best Mobility Features of Office 365

office 365 mobility features
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Everything is fast paced nowadays and because of it we want to be able to access anything and everything from wherever we are.  The point of Office 365 is mobility. It gives businesses the ability to be both productive and flexible by taking Office out of the office and allowing it to be accessed from anywhere. Here are our 5 best mobility features of Office 365.

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We love OneNote. We really really do. Do you ever find yourself making notes in a meeting and wonder why you’re doing it because all you are going to do is put those notes in a drawer and never look at them again? OneNote removes the need for paper. If used to its full potential, OneNote can become the hub of your working life, and even your personal! You are able to have a selection of tabs and then within those tabs individual pages and sub-pages. You could have a ‘Clients’ tab and then a page for each individual client with sub-pages for each meeting you have for them. When you are out and about you can take recordings of meetings and scribble notes on your phone.  When you get back into the office you then have instant access to what you have put into your phone perfectly organised and accessible. OneNote is a great mobility feature of Office 365.


Out of office responses aren’t really needed anymore because email is not limited to your office. If you have meetings out and about all day you no longer have to dread the hundreds of messages that you will have to return to and lose even more time.  You are able to read and answer them from your phone or tablet and manage your time more effectively.

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Being able to access Word and other Office applications across your devices can be so transformative when you are out of the office. If you are on the train and only have your phone you can still have access everything that you need to without being restricted to one device.


OneDrive is Microsoft’s alternative to DropBox. It allows for you to have your documents synced across your devices so if you update an important report on your phone on the train it will update on your laptop ready for when you’re back in the office too. It means that you’re no longer tied down to one device or one location.  If you really needed to you could even log in to Office 365 via the browser and gain access to your documents from there.

Skype for Business

Everyone is busy these days. Sometimes it can be so difficult to arrange a meeting where everyone is in the building and has a free hour in their diary.  With Skype for Business this is no longer a problem. If someone is working from home or they have a couple of hours free between meetings but don’t have time to get back to the office they can still join the meeting. Being able to video chat and see someone’s reaction is so important when trying to be creative and collaborative.  Skype for Business enables the barriers of time and location to be removed.

Wrapping up

We thought we would sum up this blog in a handy slideshare for you to flick through.

There are many benefits available to you in Office 365. If you’re interested in bringing Office 365 to your organisation or receiving any kind of IT support please contact ACUTEC today on 01675 469020.