The 7 Essentials for Cyber Security

cyber security essentials
Reading Time: 3 minutes

With cybercrime making news headlines all of the time it has never been more important to make sure that your business is protecting itself. When it comes to cyber security we recommend a checklist of 7 essentials to ensure that you are taking the appropriate steps to protect your business.

cyber security


A firewall is the first step of our cyber security checklist. A firewall controls the traffic coming in and out of your network through a set of rules. The set of rules is your firewall policy that indicates which traffic is allowed and which is not. A firewall helps to stop hackers and malicious software like worms from entering your network and wreaking havoc. It’s also important to know that because of how quickly new cyber threats are developed, firewalls go out of date very quickly. You should make sure that your firewall is still up to date to deal with current threats.


Viruses are pieces of code that corrupt systems and destroy data. Anti-Virus software is designed to detect these viruses and remove them from your system. Often they have scheduled scans each day to ensure there are no problems.


There’s always email that we don’t want. Spam is email that is unsolicited and is usually sent to a mass audience. Sometimes that email can be hiding something malicious like an attachment with malware. Anti-Spam software stops spam from entering your system.

Patch Management

Cybercrime is often caused by criminals finding holes and backdoors. These holes and backdoors are often in software that is not up to date. For example, when you are asked to update your phone it can be annoying if it’s not a convenient time and then you forget about it. However, that update is more than likely in place because a hole has been found in the previous version causing your phone to no longer be secure. By having Patch Management in place you can ensure these updates are installed and none of your devices are vulnerable.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Sometimes we can take all of the precautions possible and something will still get through. Technology is changing all of the time and because of it there is always something new that could be a threat to you. Backup and disaster recovery enable you to sleep easy knowing that if something does go wrong all of your data is backed up and quickly accessible so that your business is not affected by the incident.

IT Policy

Most businesses will have an IT Policy that is read once and then never again. We recommend having an easily accessible and understandable IT Policy for users so that they know exactly what they should be doing with your business’ devices at all times.

End User Education

In our opinion, end user education is the most important aspect of cyber security. You can have all of the precautions in place but if just one phishing email gets through then your business is vulnerable to your employees’ decisions. It is essential that all staff are aware of cyber security threats. Our cyber security guide is a great source of information for this, it’s available to be downloaded for free here. We have also summarised this blog in a handy slideshare which you can see below.

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