5 Ways Office 365 Will Transform Your Team

office 365 benefits for teams
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Last Updated on 25th June 2020

The Cloud is one of the biggest game changers in IT in recent years. Companies considering migrating their IT infrastructure and using Cloud Services need to ensure that they have taken all considerations into account about the process.

You need to make sure you are working with the right people and services as well as making sure you understand the changes that the technology will bring. We have put together some of the things you need to consider before migrating to the Cloud.


Yammer is an internal social network for your business. It’s a bit like Facebook where you can post statuses and photos, there’s even a chat functionality. Office 365 is built for collaboration and Yammer enables that. Social networks enable a group dynamic where things are shared easily and without formality. The visualisation of seeing everyone talking about something together is so much more powerful than email.


Delve allows you to see documents that others are working on that have been shared with you. We have all had the issue of not being able to find a file because we can’t remember where we have put it or what it is called. Delve helps you to find the documents that are interesting to you and you can even add them to specific boards or your favourites so you can get back to them easily.


Everyone knows that Office 365 comes with Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc and everyone forgets about the latest edition to the family: OneNote. OneNote is Microsoft’s version of Evernote, but better. It’s a note taking tool that you can have on your all of your devices simultaneously. If you update your notes on your phone they will be waiting for you when you open your laptop. It’s packed with tons of features that you can find in one of our previous blogs. The application also allows for the sharing of notebooks so that ideas can be shared instantly. ACUTEC’s Marketing team uses this feature all the time to keep track of everyone’s plans, to-do lists and ideas.


Everyone loves a good Emoji. They just make everything a little bit more fun and friendly. Outlook now supports Emojis through an add-on. All you have to do is click the orange bag in Outlook for the Store, search for ‘Emojis’ and switch them on. It’s easy, free and will bring a smile to your co-worker’s face. Emojis will enable the formality to be taken out of communications for your team and make them more comfortable together.


Office 365 makes working together so easy. With real-time co-authoring users are able to share documents between themselves and record edits and comments. Teams are able to make changes together even if they are not in the same room! The updates are able to be instantly seen allowing for location to no longer be a barrier to being able to work together.

Wrapping Up

We thought we would sum up this blog with a handy slideshare which you can find below. If you’re interested in bringing Office 365 to your organisation or receiving any kind of IT support please contact ACUTEC today on 01675 469020 or emails us on hello@acutec.co.uk.