Reasons to Move to Office 365

5 Reasons to Move to Office 365 Today


There are tools that you are using today that you probably couldn’t live without and they’re probably out of date. You may think they are good enough for what you need them for and you know how to use them, but what if something new is exactly what you need and you don’t realise it? The applications we use every day, Word, Excel and Outlook are always up to date with Office 365. Here are our 5 reasons to migrate today.

Office 365


Yammer is a social network in your business. Yammer creates interaction across departments, cuts out lengthy email chains and allows for easy collaboration. Yammer makes being social effortless but also builds teams. People communicate and forge relationships online now all the time, internal business relationships are no different.

You don’t have to worry about servers

Office 365 is a Cloud solution meaning that the maintenance costs of using servers will no longer be an issue for you. Plus you won’t have to pay for heating, cooling or power.

It can grow with your business

Office 365 is pay as you go, this means that you only have to pay for what you need right now. If you need additional services and data then you can add this on when you need it or when you think you are going to.

You can work from any device

Office 365 comes with licenses for up to 5 devices, so you could have it installed on your laptop, your desktop, your tablet, your work phone and your personal phone. Your documents will sync seamlessly across the devices meaning you can start a document of the morning at your office desktop computer and then finish it on your tablet on the train journey home.

Work online

You don’t have to download documents anymore. If you’re at home and don’t have access to a work laptop but really need to access a document then it’s quite easy. You just log in to Office 365 through the browser and download what you need. It doesn’t matter what your device you are using. You can also invite your colleagues to collaborate with you online without them having to download the document, they can just edit straight from the browser.

Wrapping Up

The slideshare below sums up our reasons to migrate to Office 365. It’s a brilliant collection of services that can help you to achieve more every day. If you would like to talk to someone about migrating to Office 365 then please call 01675 469020 or email