3 Examples of Bespoke Software Development You’ll Want to Adopt

When offering your customers something new or filling a gap in the market, sometimes third-party or off-the-shelf software doesn’t quite cut it. Perhaps it misses out a certain functionality, or it’s too basic or generic for your client base. If so, consider investing in bespoke software development that’s tailored to your exact needs.

Not only can this help your business capitalise on a market or industry need, it can also help to satisfy your customers and create a new revenue stream.

But what sort of custom designed software should you be creating?

Three Examples of Bespoke Software Development

Take a look at these three successful examples of bespoke software development and discover what your business can achieve with the right expertise and support.

1. Automating Business Processes

Any and every business will complain about tedious, repetitive processes. Whether it’s something routine like clocking in and attendance procedures, or something entirely unique, such as Legionella testing, it’s important you always follow the right checklist.

Process Street created their bespoke software to help businesses streamline and replicate recurring workflows, as well as track employee progress. It’s a simple idea, but there’s a high demand for it because it can reduce errors that would ordinarily cost businesses time and money. And that’s why it’s such an effective tool.

2. Personalising entertainment

Behind every custom designed software is a simple purpose: satisfy customers and make their experiences better.

Netflix has turned this simple practice into an art. Their platform is created with user experience and technology in mind. Not only can users watch movies and television series seamlessly, they can also view a dashboard of recommendations based on their viewer history. It’s a cycle of users watching content they love and Netflix learning, recommending, and creating more of what they know their users want to watch.

With over 130 million worldwide streaming subscribers, it’s fair to say that Netflix is a testament to how the right, bespoke software can be advantageous to your business and customers alike.

3. Making travel seamless

Uber’s mission statement – ‘We ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion’ – perfectly summarises their bespoke software development efforts.

The company streamlines communications between passengers and drivers with a smart, streamlined application and dispatch system. This custom designed software reduces the time it takes to call and wait for a ride, helping people to get where they need to go, quickly. And with a global net revenue of $7.5 billion (£5.9 billion), it’s clear they’re doing something right.

More than this, however, is Uber’s commitment to safety. Their new mission is to use their knowledge to create self-driving cars that can make travelling easier and risk-free. A big feat, yes, but it’s definitely an area that’s thus far been unexplored and demonstrates their commitment to custom software creation.

Become the next bespoke software example

Custom designed software can be advantageous for your organisation. It can improve your business processes, excite your customers, and help to change the world for good. In addition to that, however, it can also become a billion-pound market when executed right.

But, before you invest in custom software development, it’s important you start with a solid idea. If there are no existing options available, and you’re committed to creating your own software, working with experienced developers can help you see your idea through to completion.

So, have we given you food for thought? Are you ready to start drafting up your next big idea? Who knows, with the right support, you could make our next list of inspirational bespoke software developers.

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