Mobile Legionella Management Software ​
For the water treatment industry​

Take control of large-scale water quality testing with Legionella Management Software

Streamline your water hygiene management with effortless mobile uploads.

Paperwork and bureaucracy make water systems a headache to manage. Health and Safety legislation requires you to record and maintain all water quality testing data. Compliance depends on the accessibility and accuracy of your information management systems.

Custodian empowers both engineers and managers to take control of water treatment and water hygiene testing, ensuring the safety and security of all customer sites and systems.


Why choose Custodian as your Legionella Management Software?

Custodian is a cloud-based logbook, designed to streamline water system management, including the testing and prevention of legionella growth and other waterborne pathogens.

Real-time dashboard visualisation and centralised management make it easier to spot missing reports and download tests on the go.

Automatically identify non-conformant tests, upload/close off remedial actions and gain full view of your client’s sites from one screen.

Visual reporting

Get an overview of your business in a single glance and identify overdue visits.

Mobile access

Download all your data and test results automatically and access from one central application.


Designed with water treatment and water hygiene engineers in mind, as well as site or facilities managers with water treatment responsibilities.

Effortless scheduling

Streamline task assignment and time management.

Easy customer relationship management

Access customer records, contact details, and PPM visits on-demand.

Improved service delivery

Never miss a test, task or visit again with a complete view of all locations and assets.

engineer management
Simple engineer management

View all engineer contracts, assignments and log entries instantly.

See how Custodian works

Check out our video and see how Custodian Legionella Management Software can benefit your business.

Provide a complete managed service

Custodian makes service management effortless. Get instant insight into your engineers’ activity and assign specific assets, locations and tests. With a cloud-based application, you can deliver a faster, more accessible service and stay in complete control.

User-friendly process

Access and upload records and results for all visits, tests, tasks and results with a simple QR scanning system.

Centralised admin

View customer activity and contracts from one portal. Easy navigation makes it possible to view active service visits and PPMs on the same screen.

Mobile application

Keep track of multiple sites, assets and locations wherever you are. Use mobile access to instantly identify non-conforming parameters and ensure compliance with current legislation for both you and your customers.


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Take control of water quality testing

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