Unlocked Devices are like Unlocked Front Doors

The first thing that we would have been exposed to was the actual communications in the emails. We could have had access to any number of confidential conversations that could have damaged the person’s company and their reputation. The second is that we could have possibly accessed their documents and other business data. Finally, we could have used the information we found in the emails and documents to access bank accounts and other sensitive information.

According to research by Online Spy Shop, Britain is a nation of ‘honest’ hackers. The research discovered that 2 in 3 of us have accidentally logged into someone else’s online account and 90% of those have failed to log out immediately. The research discovered that half of those that didn’t log out performed an action such as looking at inboxes, opening messages, checking notifications and forwarding messages.

It is so easy now with technology to access data and information that we shouldn’t. When it comes to cyber security it is essential that we are fully aware of our activity both online and with our devices to ensure that we are protecting ourselves and businesses.  We were exhibiting at an event a few months ago where we witnessed another exhibitor leave their stand and an unlocked iPad on their table. By doing this all of the data, communications and accounts on that device were vulnerable. You wouldn’t leave your house unlocked when you go out and when it comes to your devices your thoughts should be the same. Your business’s data is just as valuable, if not more, than your jewellery or television. It’s important to realise that once the data is stolen that is it. You may still have access to it, but so do numerous other people who can use it against you.

If you are concerned about your business’ devices and keeping them protected against these cyber security threats then please contact ACUTEC today.

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