Top Tech for Business Travellers

Whether visiting business’ other offices in your country or going overseas for large events, travel has been a core part of business for many. The shift to video meetings and events in the last couple of years is being replaced by the return of in-person activity.

For workers who spend any amount of time travelling, it’s important that they have the right tech with them to make the whole business travel experience easier and more enjoyable. Here are our picks for the top tech for business travellers.

Business Travel Tech

Wireless Headphones

Whether you prefer the convenience of in-ear headphones or like to immerse with an over-ear pair, we think a good pair of headphones is essential for business travel. And removing wires just makes everything easier! Travelling by train or plane has its distractions. So, if you need to be working as you travel, put on a pair of headphones to aid concentration. Bonus points for noise cancellation – particularly active noise cancellations!

Wireless Flight Adaptor

Connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones to the in-seat headphones socket on your next flight, wirelessly. Wires get in the way, and we like to have as few on display as we can. So settle down and enjoy in flight entertainment without the risk of draping headphone wires in your food!

Portable Charger

There’s nothing worse than running out of phone battery. If you’re making calls on the go, checking emails, or passing the time with a game or two (anyone still play Candy Crush?!) phone battery can quickly drain. Make sure you’re prepared for those low battery moments with a portable charger. Just don’t forget your cable!

Mobile Hotspot

In most cases these days, business travellers go to destinations with decent Wi-Fi. But you never know. Having a 4G or 5G hotspot allows you to get online with any other device. Rather than connecting to your phone’s hotspot, consider getting a standalone device with more data available.


Tablets are very convenient for business travellers. Traditional laptops can be a bit cumbersome, particularly if you’re trying to use them in smaller spaces. Go for something like a Surface Pro – equally good in handheld mode or docked and connected to a monitor. We’re biased, but we think there aren’t many better options for business travellers.

Smart Padlock

Losing keys and forgetting padlock combinations can become a thing of the past. Smart padlocks are the ideal personal security solution for business travellers and are controlled via your phone.

Technology is best when it makes our lives easier. Get more from your business travel, and make the experience more enjoyable with our top tech picks. Speaking of technology, find out how it can positively impact teamwork here.

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