Signs Your Laptop has Malware

Does something feel wrong with your PC? It’s possible you could have some sort of malware. There’s not much worse for your computer than getting malware – it can really make your heart sink.

But try not to panic. Malware can be removed with the right technical knowledge. Knowing whether your laptop has been infected with malware is crucial – so you can act as quickly as possible.

Here are some signs your laptop has malware.

Possible Laptop Malware

Computer running slowly

Waiting for a slow computer when you’re used to it being fast is frustrating. It may be that you have too many apps installed and you’re running out of space. Or it could be something more malicious. Depending on the malware, it may start installing random applications and running them – thus slowing the PC down.

Have a look to see if there are any newly installed applications that you don’t recognise – these may be a sign that action is required.

Unexpected popups

These used to be more common, but we do still see them on occasion. You might be bombarded with popup ads. Sometimes they will be adverts for legitimate products or services, with an affiliate fee. Or they might contain links to malicious websites, that will try and infect your device with more malware.

Browser redirection

This is if you’re searching on Google, and you get taken to an unfamiliar site, that definitely isn’t Google. That’s a problem. These redirections to a random site are generally caused by a browser extension, so if this happens, have a look at your extensions and remove any that you don’t recognise. Take this time as well to remove any that you don’t use regularly, as they can slow your system down.

Strange social posts

If strange social media posts or messages start to appear on your profile, there’s a sign of malware. You’ll have seen these posts of Facebook: some clickbait text and a very dodgy looking link. Chances are, click the link and you’ll get the same malware. Definitely one to avoid.

Antivirus disabled

Some types of malware are designed to attack your security solutions. They try and leave your systems undefended, and harder to resolve. If you have antivirus installed, and you suspect something is wrong with your PC, that’s a great place to start. Traditional antivirus solutions struggle against next gen and advanced malware, so you’ll need to look at alternatives for their removal.

Locked files and ransom demands

Some malware is designed to hold your data to ransom, demanding a payment in cryptocurrency. If you get ransomware on your system, chances are your files will be locked and a popup will appear, asking for payment within a certain time period, or your files will be deleted. If you decide to pay the ransom, there’s no guarantee you’ll get your files back…

Everything seems OK

Sometimes you can have malware without knowing. Some types of malware will try and hide all activity, leaving no visible traces. It will sit dormant on your system, waiting for a remote command to take over your system, possibly as part of a DDoS attack.

What Should I Do If I Have Malware?

If you think you’ve discovered malware on your PC, you should install a powerful antivirus immediately. Already got one? The malware seems to have bypassed it. Check for updates and then run a full scan.

If that’s not resolved it, you might need to look at getting a strong anti-malware tool to purge your system.

Worried about malware affecting your business systems? Speak to an ACUTEC consultant today and get the right security systems for your business.

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