Secure Digital Future with Microsoft Entra

One year ago Microsoft unveiled the Entra product family, challenging the world to imagine the potential of a digital landscape where trust defines every interaction. This vision prompted Microsoft  to revolutionise safeguarding the countless connections taking place between individuals, devices, applications, and machines, as they access and exchange data.

Evolving Threat Landscape

As our lives and workspaces undergo a digital transformation, the frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks are escalating. These attacks, affecting organisations of all sizes and industries worldwide, emphasise the criticality of protecting identities and access. In the last twelve months, the number of password attacks surged to over 4,000 per second – a threefold increase from the previous year’s 1,287 attacks per second. Sophisticated attacks, capable of eluding even multifactor authentication, are emerging, compromising access tokens, mimicking legitimate users, and breaching sensitive data.

A New Chapter in Secure Access

To empower organisations in safeguarding their ever-expanding digital realms, Microsoft progressed beyond user authentication to encompass comprehensive access protection. Today marks a significant milestone as Microsoft unveil two ground breaking products: Microsoft Entra Internet Access and Microsoft Entra Private Access. These additions reinforce trust not only in digital services but in every single digital interaction empowering them.

Ensure Secure Access from Anywhere

The contemporary shift towards flexible work setups and cloud-centric workloads exposes traditional network security paradigms. Legacy approaches, such as VPNs, introduce vulnerabilities and hinder user experiences. Microsoft Entra Internet Access, an identity-focused Secure Web Gateway, secures access to the internet, software as a service (SaaS), and Microsoft 365 applications and resources. This gateway employs Conditional Access policies with network-based criteria to fend off malicious internet traffic, thus fortifying security while expediting access to Microsoft 365 apps.

Revolutionising Private Access

In an era characterised by remote users and diverse network landscapes, Microsoft Entra Private Access emerges as a Zero Trust Network Access solution. By seamlessly connecting users to private applications across hybrid, multicloud, and private network environments, this solution eliminates the complexities and costs tied to legacy VPNs. Applying Conditional Access to specific applications, enforcing multifactor authentication and device compliance, Microsoft Entra Private Access augments security without altering legacy applications.

A Holistic Approach

Together, Microsoft Entra Internet Access, Microsoft Entra Private Access, and Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps form the foundation of Microsoft’s Security Service Edge (SSE) solution. This open platform provides flexibility and choice, integrating Microsoft and partner solutions. Pricing for Microsoft Entra Internet Access and Microsoft Entra Private Access will be available upon general availability

A Unified Approach to Identity and Network Security

As the modern threat landscape transcends identity and network domains, Microsoft’s approach follows suit. By merging identity-centric network access into Microsoft cloud identity solutions, Microsoft created unified Conditional Access policies that extend protection across all identities and resources. This streamlined approach empowers organisations to safeguard identities, manage permissions, and enforce intelligent access policies from a single interface.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory Becomes Microsoft Entra ID

To enhance clarity and cohesion, we’re rebranding Azure AD to Microsoft Entra ID. Functionality, licensing, and existing deployments remain unchanged. This transition simplifies product naming while reinforcing the comprehensive identity and network access solutions offered under the Microsoft Entra umbrella.

Advancing Innovations

Beyond these advancements, the Microsoft Entra portfolio introduces innovations to counter identity-related vulnerabilities. Microsoft Entra ID Protection harnesses advanced machine learning to detect and prevent account compromise in real time. Furthermore, Microsoft Entra ID Governance automates access governance, aligning with security requirements and boosting productivity.

Enriched Experiences for External Users

Microsoft Entra External ID caters to external users, enabling developers to create tailored sign-in and sign-up experiences. This integration extends Conditional Access, identity protection, and support for social identity providers.

Simplifying Identity Verification

Microsoft Entra Verified ID, a simpler identity verification solution, enhances various business processes. The recent introduction of the Microsoft Entra Verified ID SDK allows developers to swiftly incorporate secure digital wallets into mobile applications, verifying diverse digital ID cards.

A Secure Access Future with Microsoft Entra

The expanded Microsoft Entra product family envisions a world where security thwarts threats, administration becomes simpler, and users experience heightened security. Microsoft  unwavering commitment to security drives them to continue expanding the Entra family, offering comprehensive coverage and agile models for real-time access decisions.

The Microsoft Entra journey heralds a secure digital age, fostering trust and confidence in every digital interaction. Visit the Microsoft Entra website to learn more about the diverse solutions that shape a secure and connected future.

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