ACUTEC Scoops Service Shortlist for a Second Time

ACUTEC, an IT Service Provider based in the Midlands, has been shortlisted for a Black Country Chamber of Commerce Award for the second year running.

The Microsoft Gold Partner and IT Specialist was shortlisted for Service Provider of the Year in 2016 after making significant investments in service delivery for its clients. ACUTEC is now up for the same award in 2017, reflecting the company’s continuing commitment to developing its service.

‘We are absolutely delighted to have been shortlisted again for Service Provider of the Year by the Black Country Chamber of Commerce,’ said Chris Roche, Managing Director at ACUTEC. ‘We have strived to deliver world class service to our clients this year and to be recognised for our efforts is wonderful.’

ACUTEC was selected as a finalist for Service Provider of the Year after making efforts to streamline internal processes and technology, as well as undertaking major Research and Development projects. The company has developed its systems to incorporate automation and client reporting to deliver assurance and consistency.

The established IT Service Provider has also differentiated itself in the market by being a founding member of the UK Trust X Alliance. The small and select group is made up of IT Service Providers across the UK that cooperate and innovate together to provide their customers with a full suite of award winning products and services.

‘It’s been all about building on the service the past few years,’ said Urfaan Azhar, ACUTEC’s Operations Manager. ‘We have really tried to gain an understanding of our clients’ needs to ensure that we can offer them the best possible experience.’

The award is the latest in a string of wins and nominations for the company, with ACUTEC also being shortlisted for SMB Reseller of the Year at the coveted CRN Channel Awards for the IT industry, further highlighting their dedication to their clients. The winner of the Service Provider of the Year award will be announced at the Black Country Chamber of Commerce’s annual awards evening at Wolverhampton Racecourse.

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