The Power of Windows 10

Windows 10 takes all of the strengths of Windows 8 and mixes them with Windows 7 to provide a user experience that is brand new but with a familiarity so that you can use it straight away. It comes with live tiles that are constantly updating with the information you need most such as your calendar entries, news updates and social media.

The operating system is all about productivity to ensure that your working environment can help you as much as it can. After all, your desktop is as much your environment as your office these days. You are able to optimise screen space to ensure you have what you need to get your work done with no distractions. Windows 10’s new browser, Microsoft Edge, also enhances the working environment by providing the ability to annotate webpages with text and drawings so you know instantly what you are looking at in your bookmarks. You can even share webpages with annotations to create a much more personal experience. The browser also allows for the user to take clippings of pages providing an interactive interface where the screen is no longer a barrier.

Cortana has also been updated with Windows 10 so that the personal assistant application is now available on your desktop and across all of your devices to create a seamless user experience. The more you use Cortana the more personal the services become for you as it learns about how you work.

Additionally, Windows 10 is now available wherever you are with a Windows 10 device. You are able to have the power of a PC in your hand. With Office 365 and Windows 10 devices, Microsoft has completely removed the need for out of office responses as your office can quite literally be in your pocket. If you plug your Windows 10 phone into a monitor you are able to use it like you would with any normal PC.

Windows 10 has brought productivity and flexibility into the heart of its operating system. If you’re using the full Microsoft suite with Office 365 then there are no longer any barriers to your user experience and working environment.

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