IT Expert Warns Phishing is Becoming More Sophisticated

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Last Updated on 18th June 2019

The Managing Director of a Midlands based IT services company has made the statement that phishing is becoming more sophisticated and has warned that businesses need to start being more vigilant.

Phishing is a form of cyber security attack where an individual receives an email from what they believe is a trusted source. The email can be dangerous in several ways, either through asking for money or sensitive information or by installing viruses or malicious software on your computer.

Chris Roche, Managing Director of award winning IT Services company ACUTEC, was horrified when he received a targeted phishing email at a level he had never seen before.

‘I was browsing the prices for flights to Washington but didn’t book any tickets,’ said Chris. ‘The next day an obscure email address of ACUTEC’s received confirmation of the flights being booked. I was astounded at how targeted the attack was.’

ACUTEC see phishing emails every day and so Chris immediately knew what had happened and ignored the email, but many businesses are just not prepared for this kind of attack.

‘I deleted the email immediately. The links in the email could have contained anything from a password request to ransomware. It can seem so trivial to receive junk email but it is so important that we take it seriously. The government view cyber security as a Tier 1 threat, the equivalent of terrorism. We need to recognise the impact that a simple email can have on our businesses.’

ACUTEC have spent the past year campaigning for businesses in the Midlands to be more aware of cyber security threats. With 76% of UK adults not even knowing what ransomware is, businesses need to invest in educating their staff on the dangers of cyber security threats to ensure that they can survive.