Microsoft Teams up with Midlands IT Company for Manufacturing Tech Event

Technology giant Microsoft has partnered with an IT Services Provider to deliver a workshop exclusively to businesses in the Midlands manufacturing industry.

Microsoft Gold Partner ACUTEC will be hosting the highly anticipated event on Tuesday 24th October at the Lloyds Bank Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry. The event will close with a VIP tour of the state-of-the-art facility.

‘We are hosting a number of events with Microsoft this year for the manufacturing industry,’ said Chris Roche, Managing Director at ACUTEC. ‘We know from experience how much of an impact introducing new technology can have on a business and their success.’

The workshop will focus on industry specific software for the manufacturing industry. The session will explore how businesses can gain valuable insight from their data, reduce costs and achieve greater operational efficiency. Beginning with breakfast, the event will start with an overview of software applications in manufacturing before moving on to live demonstrations and case studies.

ACUTEC is no stranger to software and the manufacturing industry, having worked in the field for over twenty years. The company specialises in delivering industry specific packages that can make a real impact on how a business operates, ensuring that it has a deep understanding of what its clients do and what they need before creating solutions.

‘The event aims to help manufacturing businesses go to the next level,’ said Urfaan Azhar, Operations Manager at ACUTEC. ‘We will look at how software and technology can have a transformative effect on manufacturing operations and ultimately drive profits.’

ACUTEC and Microsoft encourage any manufacturing business that is working to improve their operational efficiency and overall business performance to sign up for the workshop quickly as places are limited.

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