How the Manufacturing Industry Can Benefit From Order Processing Software

The reliance that we have on technology and business software is only going to increase. Many businesses are moving away from the confusion that comes with paper-based systems and adopting software that can be a central hub for your operations. In the manufacturing industry, there are many different processes that need to be tracked and monitored. You need to be able to access quotes and customer information easily, as well products and suppliers. You need to be able to know with a single glance if a product is in stock and when you will be able to get it to a customer.

Order processing software that has been developed specifically for your industry can improve your operations and speed up your processes. By deploying this kind of software in your business, time will be freed up to enable your staff to do more and ultimately drive profits. We have developed our own order processing software for the manufacturing industry, so we know quite a bit about what is needed. In this blog, we thought we would look at the benefits of moving to a software system.

Everything in one place

Being able to access everything you need from one place to be able to do your job will completely alter how you work. Instead of having to look through multiple different folders and still not find what you are looking for, you can easily get to where you need to be with a click of a button. Your customers are all in one place, along with your suppliers, your products and your sales orders. Another added benefit is that everything can be linked. If you click on a customer you will be able to find all their sales orders of the past and those that are pending, making it much easier to find the information you need.

Complete record

Using technology means it’s difficult for things to be lost, especially if there is an audit trail feature. Instead of a piece of paper going missing by being accidentally shredded or filed in the wrong place, everything that is part of sales order processing is recorded and logged in your software. You won’t ever have a quote from six months ago just disappear and you will know exactly what the customer has had and paid for in the past.


Gaining insight from data is becoming more and more important to businesses. With order processing software that includes dashboards, it becomes easy to see the state-of-play for your business. You will be able to see sales figures, quotes and open activities without having to go into the detail.


Making sure that everything is covered in a quote can be difficult, especially if you manufacture bespoke items. Having a built-in quoting tool in your order processing software will make sure all of the information needed is taken into account, both for the customer and you. ACUTEC’s order processing software even has a Quick Quotes tool that allows you to get a quote over to the customer without all their information being put into the system. This can come in handy when people call in for prices and then never contact you again.

Customer Relationship Management

Order processing software is also a great way of managing the information you hold on your customers. You will be able to access all their contact and order details straight from the system without having to dig out a file or a spreadsheet.

Stock and Fulfilment Management

Being able to see exactly what you have in stock and what needs to be manufactured will save your business so much hassle. Instead of stock getting low or running out without you realising, the software will keep a track of your warehouse and what it holds. Your business will begin to run much more efficiently.


These are just a few of the benefits that can come with implementing an order processing system in your manufacturing business. If you have questions or want to find out more then please call 01675 469020 or email

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