IT Company up for Midlands Service Provider of the Year

An IT Company has been named as a finalist for the Service Provider of the Year Award at the Midlands Business Awards.

Microsoft Gold Partner ACUTEC has been shortlisted for the award after making substantial investments to be able to strive for world class service to benefit its clients.

‘We are very proud to be a finalist for this award;’ said Chris Roche, Managing Director at ACUTEC. ‘Our team has worked really hard over the past few years to differentiate our service in the IT industry and it’s great to be recognised for it.’

The Midlands Business Awards has recognised entrepreneurs and developing businesses in the Midlands for over 10 years, celebrating success, innovation and partnerships.

ACUTEC have invested heavily in the best technologies and streamlining its processes to provide an efficient service that delights the end user. The company has also incorporated new feedback systems to ensure they have an accurate understanding of what is important to its clients.

‘It’s all about understanding the needs of the organisations that we work with,’ said Urfaan Azhar, Operations Manager at ACUTEC. ‘We try to really get to grips with what our clients are trying to achieve and see if we can aid them using technology.’

The winner of the Service Provider of the Year award will be announced in February at the Midlands Business Awards Gala Dinner at the Athena in Leicester. With a string of awards nominations in 2017, including the prestigious CRN Channel Awards, ACUTEC is consistently demonstrating its level of service and commitment to its clients.

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