IT Company Teams Up with Microsoft to Talk IoT

An IT Services Provider has partnered with Microsoft to deliver an Internet of Things (IoT) workshop for manufacturing businesses in the Midlands

Microsoft Gold Partner ACUTEC will be hosting the technology event on Tuesday 26th September exclusively to the manufacturing industry at the Jaguar Land Rover experience, closing with a VIP tour of the state-of-the-art facility.

IoT is where objects are enhanced by being connected to the Internet. The concept has mostly been seen in the consumer market with lighting being controlled from mobile phones and fridges ordering food to restock themselves. However, business adoption is increasing, with notable developments being seen in the manufacturing industry. Devices are being used to monitor equipment and improve services for customers, increasing productivity and efficiency.

‘The event aims to explore the concept of IoT and develop ideas for specific manufacturing needs,’ said Urfaan Azhar, Operations Manager at ACUTEC. ‘We want to really help Midlands businesses in the manufacturing industry think about what would transform their operations and enable them to thrive using technology.’

The workshop will discuss how IoT to can enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs, focusing on quality improvement and the key uses of the Internet of Things in the manufacturing industry.  ACUTEC and Microsoft encourage any manufacturing business interested in the event to book quickly as spaces are limited.

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