Is Office 365 free for non-profits?

office 365 free non profits
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This article is part 2 in our Office 365 for Charities series.

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Office 365 is where your email, Microsoft Office suite and other tools are available via the Cloud on a subscription basis. The subscriptions are dependent on the different plans which offer different levels of products. You can opt for just the Exchange Online plan which is your email in the Cloud or you could opt for a plan like Business Premium which will provide you with multiple licenses for your Office suite, tools like Skype for Business and 1TB of storage with OneDrive for Business. There are many different plans for Office 365 dependent upon your organisation’s needs and they are all priced depending on what they offer. For charities and non-profit organisations this pricing can be offered in a different way.

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The answer to the question ‘Is Office 365 free for non-profits?’ is both yes and no because it is dependent upon what plan you choose. If you are a non-profit and you choose a plan that you must pay for the likelihood is that you will still get it at a discounted price.

How much is Office 365 Business Essentials for non-profits?

Office 365 Business Essentials is free (what Microsoft classes as ‘donated’) to registered charities and non-profit organisations. Business Essentials will provide you with your email in the Cloud (Exchange Online), as well as your 1TB of file storage in OneDrive for Business and Skype for Business. You will also be able to access your Office applications through a browser but you won’t be able to install them locally to your device. The donation is available to a maximum of 300 users, so if you are a charity that will have less than 300 users of Office 365 you will not need to pay for Business Essentials.

How much is Office 365 Business Premium for non-profits?

Office 365 Business Premium is heavily discounted for charities and non-profits. Microsoft’s standard prices currently (as of July 2017) are £9.60 or £11.30 dependent upon whether you have a monthly or annual commitment. You may be able to get this cheaper if you choose a Microsoft Partner to supply your licenses, but if you are a charity or non-profit organisation you are currently able to get your Business Premium licenses for £1.50 per user per month offering a massive saving. It’s not quite free, but you’re getting a massive discount. Business Premium will give your non-profit fully installed Office across devices in addition to the benefits of Business Essentials. Again, with Business Premium for non-profits you’re limited to 300 users.

How much is Office 365 E1 for non-profits?

Office 365 E1 is similar in its offering to Business Essentials except there is no limit on the number of users that you can have. The licenses are free or ‘donated’ and offer the same as Business Essentials with a few extra features such as Skype for Broadcast and compliance solutions like archiving.

How much is Office 365 E3 and E5 for non-profits

Office 365 E3 and E5 for non-profits are very like Business Premium with some added features depending on the level you choose. There is no limit to the number of users that a non-profit can license with E3 and E5 and they are heavily discounted. Currently, E3 is £4 per user per month and E5 is £8.80 per user per month. For a standard business user buying from Microsoft they would be paying £17.60 per user per month for E3 and £30.80 per user per month for E5. You would need to compare Business Premium, E3 and E5 to see which option is the best for your organisation but, as you can see, the investment is well worth it for charities and non-profits considering the discounts available.

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