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How to use Forms in Office 365

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There are many different applications available in Office 365 to help us collaborate and be more productive. One of the latest tools to come out is Forms. Forms is a little bit like SurveyMonkey where you create an online form for people to fill in instead of having a paper trail. You can send the form via email to who you would like to fill it in and gain their feedback instantly. In this blog we thought we would talk you through how to make a form and how it works.

forms office 365

How to access Forms in Office 365

The first step is accessing the application. You will need to log in to your Office 365 account via the browser. When you do this, you will be greeted by the different applications available to you such as Outlook, Word and SharePoint. You may not be able to see Forms straight away when you log in. Not to worry, all you need to do is click on ‘explore all apps’ underneath the application tiles.

forms office 365

When you click to see all your apps you may see some recommendations of other applications you could use. For example, it may suggest that you should try out Flow because you use Outlook. Scroll past these suggestions and you will be able to see a full list of the applications available to you in Office 365. You’ll find there’s quite a lot there and luckily it is in alphabetical order. Find Forms and click on it and you should be taken into the application. If you can’t see Forms check it is part of your Office 365 package.

forms office 365

Creating a new form

In the next view you will see you will have three different tabs: ‘My forms’, ‘Other forms’ and ‘Recent group forms’. ‘Other forms’ is any forms that will have been shared with you, for example when you build your form and share it with the rest of your team it will appear for them in that tab. The ‘Recent group forms’ tab will be any forms created to be used in Teams or SharePoint. In this blog we are focussing on the first tab ‘My forms’.

forms office 365

In ‘My forms’ you will have two options to get started the first is a tile that states ‘New form’ and another that states ‘My quiz’. Both options are similar and are just dependent on what you want to use them for. A quiz will allow you to state if there’s a right or wrong answer to a question and let you assign points for correct answers.

We’re focussing on just creating forms in this blog. To start building your form click on ‘New form’.

Building your form

You will then be taken to an untitled form with no questions. The first thing you will need to do is name the form. You can do this by clicking on ‘Untitled form’, you will then need to name the form and give a description. You can also customise it by adding an image. If you want to change the colour you can do this by click on an option in the top right hand corner that says ‘Theme’.

forms office 365

 You then need to start adding questions to your form. Click the ‘Add question’ button to see a range of different options. Here, you can choose whether the recipient answer through multiple-choice, typing in a response or giving a rating. They can also put in a date if you’re asking for that specifically. You will also have the option to make responding to the question mandatory so the recipient will not be able to submit their answers if they haven’t answered that question.

forms office 365

 Keep adding questions until your form is built. It will save automatically. If you want to see what your form will look like when you share it you can click on ‘Preview’ in the top right-hand corner.

Sharing your form

When your form is complete you will want to be able to send it to the people who you need answers from. You can get started with doing this by clicking on ‘Share’ in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You will then have a selection of options to choose from. You can make it so that only people in your organisation can answer or you can choose to make it so that anyone who has access to the link can answer. You then have the option to either have a link you can copy and paste wherever you like, a QR code to be scanned, code for it to be embedded into your website or a generated email for you to send the link in Outlook.

forms office 365

 You also have the option to share the template of the form with colleagues. You can also invite people to work on the form with you.

Getting responses to your form

Once you have sent your form out into the world you will want responses to it. Any responses you receive will be in the ‘Responses’ tab of your form. Any new responses will have a notification circle on the tab.

forms office 365

Extra features in forms

If you click on the ellipsis in the right-hand corner of your form you will have access to some extra options that might be useful to you.

One feature is ‘Branching’ which allows you to set it up so that specific answers to questions take you another specific question. For example, if you answer A to question 2 you automatically go to question 10.

You can also set the form to not record the name of the person answering and so that they can only answer once.

Forms also lets you set a start and end date for your form if you need it, as well as email notifications for every time you get a response.

Wrapping up

Forms is a useful tool to use for several different purposes. You could use it to gain customer feedback or use it internally. If you’re interested in getting Forms or Office 365 for your business then do get in touch via email at or call us on 01675 469020.