How to Choose a Password Manager

We’ve spoken about password managers a lot. We think everybody should be using one, as they’re one of the best ways to keep your accounts secure. Some people have concerns about whether password managers are safe to use, because it can feel wrong to store important passwords in an online account.

But fear not, because the reputable ones are set up to keep what’s stored inside safe from prying eyes. Passwords are very securely secured behind complex encryptions, so you can rest assured that they are the safest places to protect important login credentials.

So, you know you want a password manager. But with so many options out there, how do you go about choosing one?

Online or Offline Password Managers

Not all password managers are created equal. And this is by design. Most password managers are cloud based, meaning users can access their vault from any of their devices, providing it is supported/has an app. This is great if you regularly use different devices so you can access what you need quickly.

Some password managers are offline, and are installed on a single device. If you only need access to your passwords on a PC, these might be the right option for you. Passwords are kept in a database on your device, not in a 3rd party’s Cloud infrastructure. They aren’t as practical, but worth considering.

Password Manager Ease of Use

When choosing a password manager, you need to consider how easy it is to use. Is it relatively straightforward to securely access? Of course, it mustn’t be too easy to gain access! And once you’re in, can you find what you need quickly? Is it easy to add new login details – can these be done as you create an account, or do you need to add them to the password manager separately?

Another great feature with many password managers is a browser extension. Simply sign in and quickly access your password on the website you’re visiting. Such a handy feature, and you don’t need to load the full application.

Password Generation

This is pretty much a given these days. If a password manager doesn’t have a password generator, you should probably give it a miss. Make sure to generate long, strong passwords for your online accounts, and never reuse a password. Sure, its almost impossible to remember each of these passwords, but you don’t need to – that’s what the manager’s for!

Free vs Paid Password Managers

You’d probably think that paid is always better. And you may be reluctant to go for a free option because you’re no quite sure how trustworthy it is. Generally, premium password managers offer more features, but you shouldn’t instantly dismiss free options. Many of the best-known password managers have free options – and these are great if you’re trying to decide which password manager you prefer. Get a few free accounts and see what you like!

Password Manager MFA

Does your password manager support MFA? Can you use it as an authentication method? We love multi-factor authentication, and think people should use it as often as they can. Your password manager is a good place for that second level of authentication, and is particularly useful when MFA is required for accounts accessed by multiple people.

Password Sharing

Is it easy to (securely) share passwords with friends, family or colleagues? Some password managers offer family/team packages, where everyone gets their own vault,  and access to shared vaults. Keep what’s private to you private, and add anything you need to share to the shared vault. Easy!

Password sharing needs to be secure. There should be no compromises on that. And if it’s not too difficult? Well, that’s a bonus.

Password Manager Vulnerability Disclosure

Does your password let you know if any of your accounts have been compromised? This is a really useful feature, so you can see if you have any vulnerable accounts, and know whether you’ve got a whole load of passwords to change.

Not got a password manager yet? Time to get one. If you want to discuss better cybersecurity for your business, have a chat with one of our friendly experts today.

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