GDPR Workshop at the Library of Birmingham Sold Out

A GDPR workshop being held at the Library of Birmingham has had to halt any further bookings due to the level of demand.

Microsoft and local IT Services Provider ACUTEC are working together to deliver the event for professionals in the Midlands. The workshop, designed specifically for charities and non-profit organisations, is being held at the Library of Birmingham on 14th November.

At the event, ACUTEC will delve into how GDPR will impact charities and non-profit organisations. The Microsoft Gold Partner will discuss the legal and security implications of the new legislation, as well as the penalties and how to prepare for it.

‘For the event to sell out as quickly as it did just highlights what a massive topic GDPR is for charities and all organisations at present;’ said Amy Staniszewski, Digital Marketing Specialist at ACUTEC. ‘We hope people gain real value from the workshop and feel a little bit more confident in their understanding of GDPR.’

ACUTEC is a well-known specialist in the Midlands for IT solutions for charities and non-profit organisations, with expertise in charity licencing and operations. The company works with a number of charities and non-profits across the Midlands to ensure that they have the best support and services to benefit their cause.

‘Working with charities and non-profit organisations is one of the things we do best;’ said Chris Roche, Managing Director of ACUTEC. ‘Working with Microsoft to be able to provide these specialist workshops is so important to us. We want to make sure that charities have the best security solutions in place to ensure they are GDPR compliant and protecting their data.’

While the GDPR workshop at the Library of Birmingham is now sold out, ACUTEC have opened a webpage to ensure that anyone interested in future events is able to register their interest. If you would like to attend future GDPR workshops you can register at

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