Everyone is a Target for Cybercrime

We meet so many people who think that their business is not going to be hacked or be the target of cybercrime because it’s small or because it’s in an industry that no one is interested in. They’re wrong. Every business has one thing that hackers and cyber criminals want: data. Here are four types of data that you will have that makes you a target for cybercrime.

Customer Data

The likelihood is that you have a database with all of the information you have regarding your customers or clients. It will have their names, addresses, contact details and quite possibly their bank or credit card details. Do you think this is only useful and valuable to you? It’s not. Those details can be sold for a lot of money by hackers and this makes you and your reputation vulnerable.

Intellectual Property

Does your business have to create designs and concepts? If it does they will be incredibly valuable to you, but they are also valuable to cyber criminals. You could be hacked and have your intellectual property stolen and sold but it could also be used against you in a ransomware attack to harm you financially as well.

Employee Data

The information you have on file it will be valuable to someone out there, even the data you have on your employees. You will have personal information on file that is confidential. The data could either be sold or exposed, leaving you in a bad legal situation with your employees and a ruined reputation.

Business Data

Would you want all of your figures in the public domain? Would you want your competitors able to know exactly what you were planning before you executed your strategies? Cyber criminals know what data is valuable and how to use it. Even if a ransomware attack was used with this data you could be seriously harmed financially because it is valuable to you.

If you are concerned that your data is at risk from cybercrime then contact ACUTEC today to ensure that your business is fully protected.

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