Data Breaches: Halloween Horror Stories

Happy Halloween! Things could get really scary for your business if you were to experience a cybercrime attack. Last year we told you all about some scary cybercrime stories just for the occasion and we thought we would do it again with the latest horror stories just for Halloween.

Yahoo Hack

Yahoo revealed last month that it had experienced a data breach in 2014. The usernames and passwords for 500 million accounts had been exposed. The information that had been stolen included names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, passwords as well as the answers to security questions. The number of accounts affected means that this was the biggest data breach in history.

Ransomware Hits LA Hospital

Earlier in the year the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center suffered a ransomware attack. The hospital completely lost access to its computer systems and could not access patient notes, having to make them all with pens and paper. The hospital paid the hackers $17,000 to have their systems restored.

Sage Data Breach

Sage, the payroll and accounting software company, experienced a data breach in August this year. An internal login had been used to gain unauthorised access to the data of its British customers. The logins of users of around 280 companies in Britain were potentially exposed in the breach.


At the end of last year there was an issue with the ticket purchasing site being used to sell Adele concert tickets. Purchasers were able to see other people’s shopping baskets, which included payment details and address, on checkout. The ticketing company Songkick stated that it was due to the extreme load on the website.

Pippa Middleton

Last month 3000 photos were stolen from Pippa Middleton’s iCloud account. They were then put up for sale for £50,000. The images included private shots of her royal niece and nephew as well as her wedding dress fitting and a nude photograph of her fiancé.

If you are at all concerned about your business’s security and feel you need IT support then please get in contact with ACUTEC. Make sure you don’t become a horror story for us next Halloween.

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