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How to Create a Good Password You Won’t Forget

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As cyber security threats continue to increase it is becoming essential that we adopt passwords that are more complicated to avoid being at risk. We know how difficult this can be, we have countless accounts for different things how are we supposed to even come up with that many different passwords let alone remember them?

Of course having a password like gGyT6Kl@2rGhjj is always highly recommended but we know the likelihood of someone using that is very low. We thought in this blog we would recommend different ways of creating memorable and more complicated passwords than ‘David62.’ Remember any of the below you can always make more complicated with numbers and special characters and you should still change them often.

Song Lyrics

A password is just no longer enough, you need passphrases if you want a complicated password that you will remember. Song lyrics are a great way of doing this and you can always associate it in different ways for you to be able to remember. You could have ‘Blackbird’ by the Beatles for your Twitter password. ‘BlackbirdSingingInTheDeadOfNight’ or ‘Bl@ckbirdSingingInTheDe@dOfNight’ is much more secure than just ‘blackbird’ and you will remember it.

Lines from a Book

If you’re not into music you could also get a passphrase from one of your favourite books, for example ‘ItIsATruthUniversallyAcknowledged’ or ‘1t1sATruthUn1versallyAcknowledged.’ Replacing one letter for a number is a great way of making a password complicated yet not impossible to remember.

Made Up Words

Words you can’t find in the dictionary are always the best. Where are you going to find memorable made up words? If you’re into fantasy novels or science fiction you will probably be able to think of hundreds. You could even start blending words together. For example, take ‘clever’ and ‘stupid’ and have ClepidStuver as your password. We would recommend adding numbers and special characters as well.

Have a Complicated Base Password

If you don’t want to have different passwords for everything then at least make it a little bit safer by having a base password.  For example if you have the password ‘l3m0n’ you then change this for every account but in a memorable way. So you take the first or last three letters of whatever service they are for. Your passwords would be ‘l3m0nGMA’ for Gmail, ‘l3m0nEBA’ for eBay and ‘l3m0nAMA’ for Amazon. This way you have complicated passwords that are easy to remember. Add numbers for when you’re changing them regularly too.

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