ACUTEC turns 21

In 1995 IT was a little different, lots of cables, dial-up and big servers:

  • Microsoft released Internet Explorer 1.0
  • Microsoft released Windows 95 sold more than 1 million copies within four days.
  • The publication Newsweek said ‘the internet will fail’ and predicted its demise
  • The dot-com boom started
  • JavaScript was released by Sun Microsystems
  • PHP was made available as a programming language
  • MP3 replaced the .bit extension
  • The search engine AltaVista was launched
  • The first VoIP software was released allowing end users to make voice calls over the Internet.

Today the world is a little different.

VoIP is widely available via Skype, most search engines have been replaced with Google and Bing. Contrary to Newsweek’s prediction, the Internet is available worldwide. WiFi is so prevalent that teenagers now consider this as a human right.

We will be celebrating our 21st birthday in many ways, so why not join in!

  • Visit us at our next event
  • Join us for an immersion session to learn more about working smarter
  • Invite us to demonstrate a live phishing event to show your team the perils of cybersecurity
  • Sign up for our webinars to discover how cloud working means saving time and hassle
  • Join our research panel to have a voice on how we improve our client support
  • And we have a new coffee machine, so you can always pop in for a coffee!

Hoping to see you soon!

Chris Roche

Managing Director

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