ACUTEC Named one of the UK’s Top 50 MSPs

We are delighted to announce that ACUTEC has been named one of the UK’s top 50 managed service providers (MSP) by Cloudtango – a leading global MSP directory.

Each year, Cloudtango recognises the most successful MSPs around the world, highlighting technical excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction in the industry.

“It is with great confidence that we selected ACUTEC Limited for its strong commitment to provide premium IT services, while accomplishing a high level of customer satisfaction.” – Jordi Vilanova, CEO of Cloudtango

Managing Director Chris Roche commented “The whole team has made a commitment to provide fantastic service to all of our clients, and I’m absolutely delighted to see their hard work paying off. Well done Team ACUTEC!”

We have made several improvements to their services in the last few months. All staff have completed Helpdesk Habits customer service training and have seen our client happiness rating improve every month. Client happiness was over 96% in 2020, and we are looking to get that number even closer to 100% in 2021.

For the 2021 awards, the focus was on cybersecurity, support, infrastructure, and cloud services. The nature of work changed significantly in 2020, with far more remote and home workers than ever before. Businesses had not needed cybersecurity, support, infrastructure, and cloud service as much as had in the last few months.

Would you like to benefit from IT support from one of the UK’s leading MSPs? Get in touch with the experts at ACUTEC today.

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