ACUTEC Untangles GDPR for Black Country Businesses

An IT Service Provider warned Black Country businesses of the data protection concerns that can arise without adequate cyber security at a recent workshop.

Microsoft Gold Partner ACUTEC was invited to speak about the issue of GDPR at Sandwell College’s ‘Get Connected in Sandwell’ networking event in association with the University of Wolverhampton.

Amy Staniszewski, Digital Marketing Specialist at ACUTEC, covered an overview of GDPR as well as the best ways to protect businesses from data breaches.

‘The scaremongering that surrounds GDPR has caused mass confusion’, Amy commented. ‘It’s highly concerning that so many businesses are focusing on how GDPR affects their marketing efforts and disregarding the importance of protecting the data they are taking responsibility for’.

GDPR is the new data protection legislation coming into force 25th May 2018. The legislation will see businesses be at risk of fines from the Information Commissioner’s Office of up to 4% of their global turnover or €20 million if they do not comply with the new laws. The GDPR focuses on organisations needing to both respect personal data and protect it.

‘If an organisation suffers a data breach the Information Commissioner’s Office will want to know whether they had taken the appropriate steps to keep that data secure’,  Amy said during the event. ‘Businesses should be considering things like the government backed Cyber Essentials scheme to ensure they are ticking the right boxes’.

Cyber Essentials is a government endorsed standard that ensures businesses are taking the precautions needed to protect them against a cyber-attack. The aim of the Cyber Essentials badge is to not only make sure businesses have adequate cyber security but also to show their customers that they take the responsibility of holding their data seriously. The scheme is supported by the Information Commissioner’s Office, which makes it a good step for organisations attempting GDPR compliance.

ACUTEC has urged all businesses to review their security as GDPR looms. The security specialists have stated they are willing to talk to any organisations that are concerned about protecting their data.

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