5 Devices Every CEO Needs

Our devices are becoming extensions of ourselves, providing us with access to everything we need in seconds, independent of where we are. For CEOs and Managing Directors, these devices become extensions of their businesses. They have access to emails from every department, they hold financial details, confidential conversations and plans for the future. Devices are the hubs in which we work, and for a CEO or Managing Director this means that their device is the hub of their business.

Surface Pro 4

Microsoft’s latest Surface is becoming the choice of many. The Surface Pro 4 can effortlessly switch from tablet to PC allowing for a flexible lifestyle, meaning you can get some work done in the office or out and about without worrying about lugging a laptop around. It uses Windows 10 meaning that you don’t need to switch operating systems just because you’re using a tablet, your files and applications are exactly the same as they would be on a PC. With a battery life of up to 9 hours, the Surface Pro 4 is a great device for mobile working.

iPad Pro

Apple’s latest iteration of the iPad is the competition for the Surface Pro 4. It uses iOS instead of Apple’s mac OS meaning that you don’t have that desktop experience yet it is still a powerful tablet. Now available in two sizes of 12.9 or 9.7 inches, users have the choice of how they want to use the device. With up to a 10 hour battery life, faster performance than previous iPads and a brand new removable keyboard designed by Apple this is a great device to use when out and about.

Surface Book

The Surface Book is basically a PC born out of the success of the Surface Pro. The Surface Book does the opposite to what a Surface Pro does by being a laptop that can become a tablet. You can even flip the keyboard around and turn the screen into a canvas on which to work. Complete with the Surface Pen, the Surface Book is a brilliant device for mobile working.

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

Like the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft’s Windows Phones are providing a seamless user experience where you can move from phone to PC without changing your operating system. If you dock your Windows Phone it will give you the same functionality of your desktop or laptop PC. The Microsoft Lumia XL is the best of the bunch, with up to 19 hours of talk time. If you tend to be out and about a lot and use your phone more than your PC then this is a great device for you.

iPhone 6S Plus

There’s always a preference in what kind of device people use. If you prefer an Apple device then the iPhone 6S Plus is a brilliant choice. With Touch ID and Apple Pay the device is great for both ease and security. The device comes with up to 24 hours of talk time, yet again like the iPad Pro the mobile operating system is different to the PC or Mac experience.

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